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When becoming the tourism the economic sector more outstanding of the municipality, this facilitated the introduction of the world of the horse as it deports and leisure. And being within reach of any person, they are more and more the canary fans as as much foreign that they dedicate its free time to this pretty way to enjoy the nature and to know places where there is no access by other means.

Their incredible landscapes and their enviable climate make of this place a wonderful place to enjoy an unforgettable adventure to horse.

Within the great variety of existing routes in the zone we would emphasize the two that they seem more interesting to us.

Flora y Fauna

Within the flora and fauna, we would honor the canary lizard that, due to the existence and to the increase of introduced predators (asilvestrados cats), they are more and more rare. Also they are alcaravanes, birds that are disappearing by the destruction of their habitat.

On the other hand we appreciated the more common animal existence (sparrows, doves, wild) that journeys much this determined portion of the space which we described with the intention to drink water in the existing prey. We do not have to forget to us either, of course of the soilvestres hoopoes, rabbits, real common sprocket wheels and alcaudones.

As far as the flora, we were with an ample native representation, between that we emphasized tabaibas, teasels, veroles, etc, although also the flora introduced like the tunera India, the white exists, the laurels of India, you toot them, etc.


The good climatologic conditions of this zone allow us to make without difficulty this practice throughout the year, since the average temperature usually oscillates between the 18 and 23 degrees.

Route of the Novice

It receives the denomination of the Novice by his simplicity and the security that transmits to the rider and the horse. For that reason any person, independently of her age, can make having it or nonknowledge of the same one. In the course of the excursion we are surprised when seeing the diverse agricultural lands that they have been constituting and in which, for more than 25 years, was made the culture of the tomato, that was watered by the waters that crossed the drains of lajas.

Salobre Alto- Alto Montaña Pajarito

Alto Montaña Revolcadores- Alto Horno de Cal

Type of land: Rocky and semi-arid

Length overall: 4 Kms

Approximate duration: 70'

Difficulty: It does not require experience


Safety measures

The use of the helmet is obligatory. In addition we recommended, not being obligatory, the use of an suitable clothes to avoid rubbing or wounds, as it can be: long trousers and boots to mount. Leaving from the High Salobre, raising in the direction of mountains, to about 25 minutes we were with great a level one, Mountain of pajaritos, and continuing straight in line, parallelly with the highway that takes to Lomos of Pedro Alfonso, and passing 5', we arrived at the Revolcadores, we found a landscape here where the agricultural cardonales, tabaibales and ways abound, that do not present difficulty some, but that, on the contrary, they are destined to people whose knowledge of the sum of horse is little. That's why this route is destined to which they are merely nascent.

Later and after to have passed the Revolcadores Mountain, lowering to the left, to 5', we entered ourselves in High Furnace of Lime, place that receives east name by the off-white Earth color that composes this place.


It would consist of making the same route, but of inverse sense.

Route of the Lumbre

One is an extremely adventurous route. It receives east name because the shepherds of long ago, illuminated with fire (species of lantern or light), used it with the purpose of going to the Salobre one to provide itself with the daily sustenance.
Salobre Alto- Alto Montaña Pajarito- Alto Horno de Cal Barranco de Balito Alto de la Cisterna- Montaña de la Lumbre

Type of land:. Rocky and semi-arid

Length overall: 10 Kms

Approximate duration: 180'

Difficulty: It requires experience


Safety measure

The helmet use is obligatory. In addition, we recommended, not being obligatory, the use of suitable clothes, as it can be: long trousers and boots to mount, all it stops to avoid wounded rubbing or..

Starting off of the High Salobre, and passed 25', we entered in the place known by the hunters and shepherds like Alto of the Pajaritos.

Its denomination must or to landscaping and ecological wealth. Next, to 10', we entered ourselves in High Lime Furnace, due to the off-white Earth color. Lowering to the left, to 15' and finalizing this route, we entered ourselves in the precipice of famous Balito evidently by the existence of I bleat. Leaving the precipice, raising and crossing 15', we arrived at the Stop of the Cistern, where we descried the Mountain of the Lumbre, last place at which we arrived 20', where is the prey that gives name him to the mountain, whose waters are used for the irrigation of the culture of the zone. We took advantage of, then to rest 30' and to replace us to the return.


By the same route.




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