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Archaeological Tourism

The Archaeological patrimony of the Canary Islands constitutes, without doubt, our older cultural inheritance. In him the material elements produced by the activity of the human communities are reflected that resided in the islands, adapting to their daily necessities based on their forms and models of sociocultural organization. These personal and immovable property also represents a valuable legacy that to transmit to the future generations and, as well, elect heterogenous that to show our national and foreign visitors. The archaeological deposits of Precipice are included the Ravine of the Salobre, Ravine of the Hornillo, Mountain Beach the Sand, the Meloneras and Punta Mujeres.

Precipice El Salobre

By freeway GC-1, in the existing exit in kilometer 53, to about five hundred meters of this intersection, exactly to both margins of the Precipice of the Salobre one, after the White Mountain prey, is a set formed by two natural caves, the same ones present walls of closing, as well as their made level ground, with a similar tipology which offer the native houses.

In this zone Sebastián Jiménez Sanchez located in the year 1943 several necropolis, that have not been found at the present time, reason why is of supposition that was affected by the workings of sorriba to prepare territories of cultivation.

Playa de Montaña La Arena

Following the old highway general of the South, C-812, and taking the deviation from earth that takes until the beach Mountain the Sand in kilometer 62, it is acceded to an archaeological set of funeral character, that is located exactly on the same coast. One is two tumulus of circular, semicircular plant, that although do not conserve their central turret, are identified clearly by the stones that delimit it.

In his totality, one is a rich area in archaeological vestiges, because already in year 1943, Sebastián Jiménez Sanchez, it discovered in the Precipice of the Sand, several plants of cruciform houses. At the single present time it is possible to speak of the presence of the rest of some structures that could belong to these houses, although they are altered very.

Precipice of the Hornillo

To the height of kilometer 60 of the general highway of the South C-812, in direction towards the coast, the left margin of the Precipice of the Small furnace, to about three hundred meters of the coast, it located to Sebastián Jiménez Sanchez, in 1943, a funeral cave with several human skulls, long jaws, ribs, bones, etc; surrounded in shrouds or rush matting. At the present time, it is not left anything of these rest, appearing like added elements, the bases of the walls that close the cave.

Las Meloneras

Taking the deviation that leaves the general highway of the South, C-812, in kilometer 59, both margins of the earth track that leads towards the coast, appears rest from native constructions. One is at least five houses of the canaries, in unequal state of conservation, as well as of different tipology, they are distributed in a space of 500 meters, approximately, being recognizable clearly its dry stone walls, as well as their inner structure.

Punta Mujeres

Exactly on the same coast, to little 450 meters of the Light of Maspalomas, in direction the west, the establishment of Punta Mujeres is located. We were with a great structure of type to tumular, although its state of conservation, and for want of his archaeological excavation, it does not allow to analyze his precise nature. It could be great tumulus, with another associate, or another type of structure with different purpose. The presence of a series of launching slips, takes to raise its character to tumular. Its plant is almost circular, elliptical, having axes of 14 by 17 meters.



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