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Fishes without death

To some 30 Km, of Casa Inmaculada and through a trail of land that reflects among deep ravines and extensive pine forests arrives at the Prey of Chira, in which among others activities, the call can be practiced "fishes without death".

Around this type of fishing some contradictions between those in favor and detractors exist. Here we are not going to enter these questions, but if we are going to name some authors of studies like professors Manson & Hunt, Wydosky, Warner & Johnson, etc., that affirms that the rate of post-loose mortality of fish diminishes until a 0% according to the conditions in which the capture has taken place.

Hundreds of foreign tourists coming from the European continent (English, Czech, Slovakian, Austrian, Swiss, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, French, German, etc) that annually moves to Gran Canaria to fish the carps, and to a lesser extent black bass (American percas), that populates the prey of Chira.

Chira forms part already of route international of fishing of carp, that characterizes because death to the fish does not occur, that are given back once captured, to the water. The fish are fished with special hooks not to damage them and once captured the wound becomes disinfected to them, a species of hunt-butterflies placed to them in jamo and it is given back to the water.
 And it is that to kill a carp it is as a sin for the authentic fans and in addition exists edicto of the City council of San Bartholomew who prohibe specifically "the death of the fish". Before giving back them to the water, the fishermen photograph their trophies by both sides, they weigh them and they put names to them. In Chira they have gotten to fish itself exemplary of up to 22 kilograms. Cases have occurred, of a fisherman who has fished the same unit in different years and to see that the unit that it baptized with the name of "Pepito", has fattened two kilos.


Some points of fishing in Chira like the "Agustín are famous point" whose name already figure in the particular English toponymy of the place in honor to Agustín Perez Goatherd, person very bound with this activity, being the one in charge to take steps to acquire the permissions of fishing in the Insular Cabildo of Gran Canaria.

The regulars to Chira know or as the streets their city so the zones denominated like Cactus Bay or DangerBay, first characterized being one of the best places of the prey for the fishing and second, by all the opposite. One is an ecological tourism, that even spends the day and the night, fishing in the prey or giving strolls by the place.

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