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By its characteristics the Natural Park of Pilancones, plays an important role in the protection of grounds and the charge of the water-bearing one. By him several precipices of great geomorfology interest and landscaping beauty run towards the south. The pine of its summits constitutes a habitat in good state of conservation with good bird-raising populations. This space is had including in the network of zone of special protection for the birds of the UE; and the same could say of some cardonales and tabaibales , and certain aquatic habitats. By all the space fauna species of and flora, and element of scientific interest distribute themselves to threatened.

One of the best forms to be able to descry the impressive orography of this natural park of Pilancones, is to make a flight to average height in an air balloon. From him precipices can be descried to the escarped ravines that are born of the high part of the island where the totality of the existing prey in Great Canary is concentrated almost and which they come together in this region of the southwest grancanario.



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